For English Speakers

  We welcome you to Acupuncture clinic "ASUMO". Our English speaking chief therapist is very happy to work with the English-speaking community for their therapeutic needs. We provide treatments ranging from acupuncture, massage, to electorical modalities for relieving pains. Please call us for any questions or further information.


Please ask if you have any problems listed below.

neck pain     headache     shoulder pain   shoulder stiffness low back pain elbow injury
hip pain knee pain ankle sprain herniation muscle strain muscle fatigue
numbness contusion tendinitis relaxation Rehab.   


◆ Acupuncture Menu ◆

  • Acupuncture Treatment 60min   【¥6500】
  • Acupuncture Treatment 30min   【¥4500】
  • YNSA  Acupuncture Treatment    【¥4000】
  • Facial Acupuncture                      【¥6500】

◆ Massage Menu ◆

  • Shiatsu massage 30min       【¥3500】
  • Shiatsu massage 40min       【¥4500】
  • Shiatsu massage 60min       【¥7000】
  • Personal Training 50min       【¥5000】

◆ Others ◆

Try to have more therapy in addition to Acupuncture or Shiatsu massage.

Those extra menu can help to shorten the healing process.

  • Ultra sound treatment(1part 10min)       【¥1000】
  • Interferential current treatment(15min)   【¥1000】
  • Cupping treatment(20min)         【¥2500】
  • Personal Training 50min             【¥5000】


Please call for the reservation.

℡ 03-3445-1831


4-21-1 Takanawa Minato-ku, Tokyo [108-0074] 


3 minutes from Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

5 minutes from Shinagawa Station.

7 minutes from Shinagawa Goos.

9 minutes from Marriott Hotel.




☎ 03-3445-1831


あすも はりきゅう整骨院

 東京都港区高輪4-21-1 サザン高輪101